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The Strangest Thing Men Desire.(And how it might drive him insane for you)

Have you ever felt attracted to a guy without knowing why?

Even though you’d prefer not to be attracted to someone, perhaps you’ve had feelings for them.

How can this be?

In spite of your conscious mind’s opposition, how can you fall in love?
These kinds of encounters provide us with a  glimpse into the mysterious forces that underlie our sensations of romantic attraction.
It’s all about emotional responses in that secret realm. Uncontrollable emotional responses on our part.
The fact of the matter is that we do not choose to fall in love.  It feels more like being thirsty.
Being thirsty is not decision you make.  Just taking note of it. 
It also gets more difficult to ignore your thirst as it grows stronger.

What if I told you that all guys go through a certain type of relationship "thirst"?

amazing relationship
kind of thirst that he is unable to satisfy on his own. 
Would you like to find out what is making him so thirsty?

To get to the point quickly, watch this video, which explains how to pique his desire for something he both needs and craves

kind of thirst that he is unable to satisfy on his own. 
Would you like to find out what is making him so thirsty?

Here’s why the man in your life can’t tell you what he craves most from his relationship with you…

… He’s embarrassed to admit the truth. And that’s because admitting to this desire actually moves him farther away from the goal.

decoding men’s emotions

Why, then?


Well, imagine a woman who is irritated that her partner never shows any signs of romance.


As she eventually breaks down, she expresses how much she wants to be pursued and romanticized by him.


He demands that she identify one item that is lacking from the relationship, yet he acts as though she is being unreasonable.


So she provides him with an illustration. It would be lovely to receive flowers occasionally. Just such straightforward matters

The next day, he brings her flowers.

The charm of this act, however, is not present.
This is because receiving flowers after having to ask for them doesn’t feel particularly special.
It’s somewhat similar with guys but with very different kind of relationship requirement.

The desire for your admiration in men is overwhelming, you see

But he can’t ask for it. He can’t say,

“Julie, I really like you, but here’s what’s missing in our relationship. You don’t admire me enough. You seem to have greater admiration for other men in your life, and that makes it hard for me to picture a future with you.”

He can’t say that because men believe you have to earn admiration.


Asking for it is like trying to become popular by announcing you are a cool person. It doesn’t work like that.


The Non-Verbal Language of Admiration

Only when you express your admiration to him nonverbally will he feel like your hero.
He has to interpret what you actually say and do by looking between the lines.
That’s not that weird, you could be thinking.
recognize the desire for adulation in men.
But if you’re thinking that, have to tell you something really essential.

And it’s not just that men crave admiration.

It’s that he can’t sustain that “in love” feeling without it.

Nothing ruins man’s attractiveness more quickly than feeling unneeded in relationship.
He desires to identify as provider. 
Someone whose capacity to provide is esteemed.
You see, he feels emasculated and less of man if he doesn’t feel required. 
And that kills his desire for romance.

And the worst part?

Not simply admiration will do. 
He must feel that he has gained your respect, admiration, and trust for it to work. The good news, though, is this. 
If you know how to set him up for success, it’s both enjoyable and simple to let him earn your admiration.

Just find ways to let him be your hero.

It’s important to note that there is certain technique to doing things in way that will enchant him.
But utilizing this straightforward idea, I’ve seen women wrap man around their pinky.
I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t in relationships as relationship coach. 
Yet in the end, it all comes down to this.

You need to trigger his hero instinct.

Once you do that, what happens next will astound you.
You won’t want things to return to as they were because he will become so devoted, so caring, and so interested in committed long-term relationship.
The hero instinct is compulsion to be drawn to those who make person feel heroic. Yet in his romantic interactions, it’s accentuated.
Certain concepts can truly alter your life. And one of them is for romantic relationships.
In order for you to possess this secret, I’ve made video presentation that may be viewed online.
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